Independent Advice

We started our firm to help people achieve their retirement goals. My experience in the investment industry helped me understand why there was more selling than advising. Meeting revenue quotas overshadowed the welfare of the investor. Products like mutual funds and annuities are full of commissions that diminishes the chance for the investor to make money. In a low return environment, keeping costs low should be paramount.

My goal is to help investors understand the risks involved with investing. We sit and discuss the risk tolerance of the investor, their goals, and develop a portfolio that they can understand and believe in. It is the belief through rigourous analysis that helps the client invest in their portfolio.

We have offices in Redondo Beach and serve individuals and companies in Southern California. With over 20 years of experience working on Wall Street from trading currencies to managing institutional capital for Goldman Sachs Asset Management, we have the knowledge on what to do.

Our process is different than many investment companies; we concentrate on portfolio design and stress test each one with our proprietary methods. We sit with each client and explain the assets in their portfolio, the sensitivity to the markets, and the volatility they should be aware of.