Comprehensive Services

Holden Wealth has the experience and creativity to offer unique solutions to meet any challenge. We are not just portfolio managers, but wealth managers who strive to ensure the optimal results for any client’s situation. We have access to top specialists when needed to augment our advice, and serve as the single point of contact.

Financial Planning

Wealth management works when a plan is followed. We conduct an assessment of a client’s goals and objectives and design a plan that will meet their needs. Our specialization in portfolio design have helped clients achieve their goals with the highest probabilities of success. Our analysis encompasses retirement, tax, and insurance planning.

Portfolio Management

We consult with the client to see what they are comfortable with, and what risk they can tolerate. Our portfolio construction and management is based on statistical and Monte Carlo analysis to ensure a risk diversification and to gauge the expected returns. Tactical and strategic portfolio management that is popular today incurs excessive trading costs, and adds no marginal success over a properly constructed portfolio. Our asset class selection ranges from individual stocks to ETFs. Most of today’s mutual fund managers have indexed their funds because of performance pressures, and we feel that these expense ratios can be saved for the client.

Corporate Retirement Plans

We help corporations acquire the optimal retirement plan for their executives and employees. We have the expertise in 401k, non-qualified deferred compensation, and defined benefit plans. Our portfolio process help keeps the retirement plan balanced and safe.

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